Market Guide for Travel Expense Management Software

Market Guide for Travel Expense Management Software

Modernize finance and procurement applications

Submitting expenses is often a tedious and inefficient task for employees and finance departments alike. Application leaders should evaluate how modern TEM applications can substantially improve the end-user experience and add business value for the organization.


Key Findings

  • Cloud-based application offerings generally deliver the most functionality and provide the most modern end-user experience.
  • The ability of TEM providers to meet industry and country-level requirements "out of the box" varies signicantly and has been driven largely by their customer acquisition strategy.
  • Most TEM applications offer digital receipt capture (via a smartphone or tablet) as standard functionality; differentiation between vendors is now about what happens to the image receipt.
  • The business value of expense management for finance and procurement teams is still about automation and policy enforcement; however, this shouldn't mean the end-user experience should suffer. 



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