WalkMe - How to increase employee satisfaction and user experience

Business travel definitely has not become irrelevant - quite the contrary is the case. The past couple of months have shown a step rise in the number of business trips with in person meetings supplementing virtual ones. However, many companies and their employees are unsure about which meetings should be held in person at this time. Simplify the business travel process and thus the daily work of your employees with a virtual assistant.

In our product webinar recording, we shed some light on this topic. Our expert give you tips & tricks on how to simplify your travel and expense process for your end users with the help of a virtual user assistant.

Learn more about the following benefits of WalkMe in the webinar recording:

  • Increasing employee satisfaction

  • Better user experience

  • Faster onboarding  

  • Increasing productivity

Watch the webinar recording and learn more about the newest tool in the SAP Concur family.


The Speaker:

Lena Jakob  |  SAP Concur


Jochen Alig  |  SAP Concur

Watch the video demo now to see the on-screen help, the support it provides to end users, and how it enhances the employee experience.